The Top 3 Probiotics Reviewed

Low levels of good bacteria could be why you feel tired and bloated.

Probiotic bacteria could help you lose weight, gain energy and save your life!

Last month we published an article describing the fantastic benefits of good bacteria (AKA probiotics) and how it's essential to your digestive system.

This month we decided to follow it up by testing and reviewing all of the major probiotics supplements on the market so that you know which is the most effective and the best to buy.

So what are probiotics again? Probiotics are the good bacteria that exist in our digestive system and play a massive role in our day to day health and wellbeing. Due to our hectic lifestyle these days almost all of us suffer from low levels of probiotic bacteria, and this could be causing any one of a number of health problems from weight gain to low energy.

Many, many people have reported that simply by taking a daily probiotic supplement they have gained energy, lost weight, boosted their immune system, lowered cholestrol and blood pressure, and probiotic bacteria is also reported to prevent colon cancer.

Probiotic supplements are even recommended by the World Health Organization.

Editors Note: It should also be added that with the threat of Swine Flu, staying healthy is extremely important right now, and it has been well documented that probiotic supplements give your immune system a huge boost.

Warning - Always Beware Of Scam Products!
When we perform our research we normally discover that a large amount of the products sold online are low potency scam products. You normally see these being pushed on fake blog/review websites which, for legal reasons, we cannot name and shame. However, you can trust the products that we recommend as they are thoroughly tested and legitimate. If you do have a bad experience please contact us straight away and let us know.

pHion Orange Probiotic Complex

Healthier Magazine Top Rated Probiotic

The top-rated, fully tested probiotics product and winner of the Healthier Magazine best probiotic product is pHion Orange Probiotic Complex This is a very popular and highly used supplement available in shops and online throughout America and Canada.

pHion Orange Probiotic Complex is not only the best looking supplement we've seen for a long time, it's also the best performing and comes in at a pretty good price for a 30 day supply.

Probiotics have been shown to:

  • Improve immune function and preventing infections
  • Prevent colon cancer
  • Prevent harmful bacteria growth under stress
  • Lower cholestrol
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome
  • Aid the treatment of peptic ulcers

Price for 30 day supply: $29.95

Health Beyond Hype Probiotic Complex

Pricey But Good

Health Beyond Hype's Probiotic Complex supplement also put in a strong consistent performance in our tests. It loses half a star and comes in a third only because it is $10 more expensive than pHion and we didn't feel this extra cost was justified by any significant advantage in performance.

Price for 30 day supply: $39.95


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Many people who feel exhausted, run-down bloated and stressed out have discovered that their lifestyle has destroyed much of the good bacteria in their digestive system. One probiotic supplement later and they lose weight, gain energy, lower their chances of getting cancer and feel much healthier - is it really that easy?