Red Wine is the Fountain Of Youth

Drink red wine and live to 125?
That's going to be a fun 125 years!

How would you like to live a long, active and healthy life, without the fear of cancer, heart disease and many other illnesses, until you peacefully die at the incredible age of 125?

A new wonder compound called Resveratrol could help you do just this, according to a growing number of scientists and medical professionals. The general belief is that by taking a Resveratrol supplement on a regular basis, living to a healthy 125 is easily obtainable for an average person of our generation.

In fact, many of these researchers would even go as far as to say that Resveratrol may be regarded as important a discovery as penecillin.

Even the mainstream media has recently noticed the potential of Rezveratrol with the well respected Dr Oz strongly recommending it on the "Oprah Winfrey Show" and on "Good Morning America", and special Resveratrol features being broadcast on "60 Minutes" and countless other mainstream television and radio shows.

The Red Wine Research

This all began when research was conducted into the positive health benefits of drinking red wine. It has long been known that drinking a glass of red wine a day can lower the chances of heart disease and possibly prevent certain types of cancer, but curious scientists wanted to know why.

“As important a discovery as penecillin”

It had already been shown that maintaining a calorie-restricted diet has the ability to extend life-span by 50% or more and further research found that a single gene, SIRT1, controlled this process. The major breakthrough came when they discovered that a specific compound found in red wine - Resveratrol - had the unique ability to activate this gene and, therefore, to extend life.

Dr David Sinclair at Harvard University performed a detailed study and followed a group of obese mice through their lives after he fed them Resveratrol. Being obese all of these mice were more likely to suffer from diabetes, tumours, heart disease, and many other illnesses. However, the Resveratrol-fed mice lived an incredible 31% longer than the other mice. Not only this but none of the Resveratrol mice, even after the extended life span, suffered from any of the diseases normally associated with aging.

But the benefits don't end there. Further studies into Resveratrol have shown that it can, amazingly, reverse the ill-effects of a high-calorie diet. It also appears to reduce weight gain and glucose levels, and this is what should work against the developed world's fastest growing degenerative diseases - diabetes.

“Resveratrol is something really special”

Perhaps the most striking discovery, however, was that it dramatically increased the ability of the Resveratrol mice to run, turning them into athletes with the ability to easily out-run and out-last their littermates on a treadmill!

Take Resveratrol, Live Forever?

Maybe! We won't know how effective Resveratrol really is at human life extension for another few decades, as that is when the people who are currently taking Resveratrol would normally die. If they don't and live a healthy life until they are 125 we will have conclusive evidence that Resveratrol is the most important discovery of recent years.

So should you try Resveratrol now? All of the current evidence suggests that Resveratrol is something really special, and even if the long term benefits are not yet clear, there are definite short-term health benefits that have already been proven.

In fact, we at Healthier Magazine have been thoroughly convinced by our research into Resveratrol and highly recommend adding it to your daily intake.


  • Extended life span
  • Counteracts diabetes
  • Counteracts a high fat diet reducing associated illnesses
  • Lose weight
  • Reduce/prevent heart disease
  • Increased athletic ability