5 Cheap Ways To Look Beautiful

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Five unmissable products to help you look beautiful in the recession without breaking the bank.

Each month we choose an area, such as skin care or teeth whitening, and research and review literally hundreds of products until eventually we decide which is our top rated.

This product is then presented to you, our readers, as the winner of the coveted Healthier Magazine Product Of The Month.

But the really good news is that we have managed to secure some amazing free sample offers, exclusive to Healthier Magazine online readers, for five of these products that have previously won Product Of The Month!

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1. Teeth Whitening - Easy White (Product Of The Month April '09)

  • Works instantly
  • Removes staining from smoking, coffee, red wine, etc.
  • Rivals results from costly laser treatment
  • 100% safe

Free Pack - Just Pay $1.83 S&H

2. Weight Loss - P2 Prodigest Probiotics (Product Of The Month March '09)

  • Lose weight instantly!
  • Increases energy
  • Prevention of colon cancer
  • Lowers cholestrol
  • Lowers blood pressure

Free Bottle - Just Pay $3.95 S&H

3. Anti-Wrinkle - Amino Genesis Wrinkle Erase (Product Of The Month Feb '09)

  • Works instantly
  • Results lasted for months
  • Firmed and tightened the skin
  • Extremely high success rate

Free Bottle - Just Pay $6.95 S&H

4. Cellulite Smoother - Body Solution (Product Of The Month January '09)

  • See a noticeable improvement in a matter of days
  • Results last for months
  • Highly recommended

Free Bottle - Just Pay $6.95 S&H

5. Anti-Aging - Vital RezV Resveratrol (Product Of The Month May '09)

  • Featured on Dr.Oz and Oprah
  • Extended life span
  • Counteracts diabetes
  • Counteracts a high fat diet
  • Lose weight
  • Reduce/prevent heart disease
  • Increased athletic ability

Free Bottle - Just Pay $5.95 S&H